Some Basic Tips On Straightforward Programs In Universal Life Insurance

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Imagine being so valued by your employer that the company actually takes out an insurance policy in case you leave or pass away. Often called "key person" or "keyman" insurance, this policy offers a lump sum to cover costs like loss of business or training of successors. Usually, these insurance policies are designed to cover the loss of someone who plays a key role in generating profits, or who has a unique skill set. Imagine that you own a company and a large group of your employees entered a lottery pool, and won. You'd be excited for them, right? Well, that excitement might not last if half of your staff decides to retire on the spot. Lloyd's of London is among the companies that offers insurance for such a scenario, to cover loss of productivity and the hiring of temps and new staff. It sounds like something out of a movie, but it's an actual thing. You can protect yourself if you've been kidnapped, and get reimbursed for any ransom money and expenses once you're freed. Truthfully, these policies are geared more toward businesses with high-profile employees. But individuals can get policies as well.

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